Strength & Power Training

My strength and power training programs help build a strong foundation and incorporate functional movements to improve performance not only during game time but also in your daily life.

I specialize in Soccer, Stand Up Paddle, Surfing and Mixed Martial Arts but also work with a variety of other sports including:

  • baseball
  • football
  • cycling
  • running
  • dance
  • mountain biking
  • swimming
  • golf
  • basketball
  • climbing

Sports specific training programs are designed to meet the needs and abilities of the athlete. These programs combine advanced core stabilization exercise with sports specific movement in order to maximize your athletic performance, prevent injury, enhance your mental focus and/or improve the mechanics of your sport. I will coordinate your training program with your athletic trainers and coaches as appropriate.

Strength and Fitness training programs are customized to fit your goals and needs by combining the right mix of cardiovascular conditioning (endurance training), strength training (resistance), and flexibility (stretching). Your fitness program will utilize core training methods and mind body exercise techniques as well. I will guide you in designing a fitness program that works for you so that exercise is a part of your lifestyle.

Private or small group team training sessions are available for all ages.

Virtual Fitness Training is also available as a more convenient option.

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