Our Story

Welcome to Core Power Health & Fitness! We are excited to share our passion for health and the mind body connection for healing and improving performance.

Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health, sport or life so you can perform at your BEST!

When we met in Ender’s home country of Venezuela in 2004, we knew fairly quickly that we wanted to start a life and business together. Despite an initial language barrier, we worked together to help Ender’s childhood friend recover and return to his life after a severe brain injury.

Our business has evolved over the years from primarily a Pilate’s style fitness, personal training and massage studio in Austin, Texas to offering online health coaching programs and providing performance training around the country with elite and professional athletes from all over the world as well as young athletes in the process of building their careers.

We believe in the body’s ability to not only heal itself but that it will perform optimally with the proper balance of movement, mindfulness, nutrition and rest.

Yes, rest, that thing most of us have forgotten to do since kindergarten because we are having too much fun working and playing all day long.

Our mission is to help you achieve an active lifestyle and be at the top of your game but an essential component to peak performance is energy management. If you want to train like a world champion, then you must include recovery practices in your training program.

We aim to show you how beneficial and fun it can be to take a regular time out and find a balance between work, play and rest.

"It’s time to start living the life you imagined". -Henry Thoreau

We blend our backgrounds in Western and Eastern movement and healing techniques to create holistic performance and health coaching programs that not only maximize performance but ultimately improve your quality of life.

We have both experienced the transformative and healing aspects of the tools/therapies that we offer in our programs.

We are lifelong learners, constantly seeking out cutting edge, scientifically proven training tools to share with our clients.

We bring out the best in each other and we strive to do the same with you through our training and education programs designed to help you transform your health, sport or life.