Flexibility Training

My flexibility training programs combine Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST), Myofascial Massage and Trigger Point Therapy to unlock your core and hips which improves posture, alignment, and movement required for your sport or daily activities.

FST has been scientifically proven to double your flexibility in a short time and can help with chronic pain, injuries and mobility.

A lack of flexibility leads to:

  • Increased risk of INJURY
  • Increased recovery TIME
  • Increased PAIN

Benefits of flexibility training include:

  • Increased STRENGTH
  • Increased AGILITY
  • Increased POWER
  • Increased QUICKNESS
  • Improved BALANCE
  • Improved RECOVERY

My flexibility training programs integrate well with any strength and conditioning program. These techniques are a painless, highly effective stretching of the fascia and muscle (myofascia) which provide the best way to gain functional range of motion, muscle and joint realignment, and more power by releasing bodily restrictions that predispose you to injury and inhibit performance.

Private sessions can be designed to be therapeutic to heal injuries and/or restorative to aid recovery after athletic competitions/training.

Dynamic pre-game stretching prevents tightening up during active competition and improves ability of the muscle to contract during sports.

Static stretching after a game/event will relieve all knots/tension caused by extreme training and competitive sport.

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